Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Remember how our sweet kids got sick during our Chicago trip three weeks ago? Well, we've had a rough patch trying to overcome our colds...In fact I finally went in to the Dr. when mine turned into a sinus infection. And with all my griping and complaining of not feeling well I seemed to have overlooked my sweet Isaac's own infection. Let me tell you, I am not to blame here. Isaac is the sweetest, happiest, most patient little baby of all time...there was not much to notice. Last night as he was eating he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and he looked sad, like something was wrong. I wasn't sure what to make of it until today. As he rested his little head on my arm to feed he cried out in agony...I just thought he was hungry. When he was done, I playfully kissed his ears and again he cried out in pain. After consoling him I touched his ear again to confirm my suspicion and sure enough, another episode of painful tears. I had Tyler pull out his otoscope and sure enough he had an ear infection that had progressed so much that eardrum perforated to release the pressure from the infection. I immediately took him to the doctor and got a scrip for antibiotics (even though he's almost recovered all on his own).

What a strong little man. A painful ear infection and not even a whimper of fussiness until now. I am so grateful for his happy disposition. Just know Isaac, I will be there for you no matter how stoic you are!!!

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Kirst said...

What a sweet post, and how sad to think of Isaac dealing with the pain without letting on...I can imagine what you felt, yet you had no way to know. I'm sure you have more than made up for it with kisses, playtime and nurturing him now that you know...how do I know, 'cause you are a wonderful mother.