Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm moving up!

Within the last week or so Ashton has been walking a lot and this new sense of empowerment has also boosted his vocabulary. He now says da, hi, uh-oh, ba (ball), eye (while sticking his finger in his very own), and I have moved up from aa!! (he always yells it) to ma!

Yoga or yoga pants?

Two weeks ago our family joined the YMCA and I signed up for a few classes. A mommy and me swim class for Ashton and a prenatal yoga class for myself. Ashton's class is a total hit. It is adorable to see him move his body like a dolphin to get to a toy and the grin he gets when he's jumping of the ledge to me in water. The yoga class is another story.

Let me first start by saying that I have never actually practiced yoga or attended a yoga class until last week. I wasn't sure what to expect but thought it would be a fun exercise session tailored to my body and the babe within. And I do have fun. After all I'm in a room full of very pregnant women balancing and stretching in ways I never thought a baby belly body could move. And the darkened room with chanting music playing softly in the background just adds to the effect. I mostly feel silly, but I guess that just means I'll need more than two classes to surrender my ego to my heart and spirit. I think my favorite part is at the end of class when we bow and say "Namaste" because I feel like I'm acting in a LOST episode. So my preference for now between yoga or yoga pants is with the later.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mr. Wannabe

Here is my boys showing off his skill to imitate his parents....

Can I play too?...

Strides 4 Kids

So one of my...or I guess I should say our, big projects has become "official" and I am really excited. A few months ago I talked to Tyler about hosting our own 5k race to raise funds to donate to a charity. Well, it's been quite a long process and WAY more stress than I thought it could ever be, but we are finally on our way! We have a couple of other medical students and their families helping out and their work has been vital to keeping this little dream of mine afloat. So our official name is Strides 4 Kids and we we have a website and all (thanks Angela!). The event will take place Saturday, October 4th in Tower Grove Park and proceeds will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.... After weeks of work we printed the letters we will use to find sponsors and divided up a HUGE list of companies to contact amongst our group. So this is where it gets exciting....Who will sponsor us? How much will they donate? Will we be able to make this as cool as we hope? You can check it out for yourself at

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fears, Tears, and Wishes

So something has been on my mind this pregnancy that I think I should write about. To be frank I worry that my little baby boy who will be joining us in October won't be healthy. To fill my hospital environment void I've been watching the TV show Hopkins (real events that occur at Johns Hopkins Hospital) and tonight there was a little two year old boy who was having heart failure. It showed this boy getting anesthesia and intubated and I started bawling! My little Ashton has gone through that four times. We are sooooo lucky and blessed that he is developmentally where he should be. He is my little miracle and my heart and soul hurt when I remember all the physical trials he has had. I wish I could go through the pain so he wouldn't have to. It's funny, when I was pregnant with him I never once thought that he might not be healthy. I just assumed that he would be fine. Aren't most babies? ...and so after all he has been through I can't help but pray and wish that this active little baby in my tummy will be healthy. Please, please be healthy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Second Home

This is at the doctor's office at Cardinal Glennon were we have spent so much time. Ash loves all the toys that they have in the waiting room so we don't mind the frequent visits!

Our miracle worker

Last week Ashton went to see Dr. Flannery for a follow up visit after his last surgery. Dr. Flannery is moving to Chicago this month, so I thought I would recognize the woman who saved our little boys' life the day after he was born. Not only did she perform life-saving surgery on Ashton, but she has performed three other surgeries to improve his health and the integrity of his skull (craniotomy/craniectomy, cranioplasty, effusion, cranioplasty). I have learned so much about trust and faith and thank our Father in Heaven for His grace and testify that miracles have not ceased! Thank you Dr. Flannery for all your hard work and dedication. Without your sacrifices my family would not be whole!