Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ashton and I have a habit of drinking a caprisun on the porch while Isaac takes his first nap. Yesterday while we were out enjoying our juice Ashton got up from his chair and walked down to the sidewalk. He kept waking in direction of all the cars driving on the main road just 2 houses down. He informed me "gonna see cars" and kept going. I got up and started after him which only made his little feet move faster. He reached the main road before I caught up to him and I yelled, "ASHTON, BE CAREFUL!!!" At that point I was right behind him, he turned, looked up at me and stated "I'm being careful, I'm JUST WALKING!"....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

So, I pretty much LOVE birthdays. Tyler knows this and is always a little nervous because he thinks he isn't going to make me feel special when my Birthday comes around. This year Tyler has to work (from 5am to 6:30 pm) so when I got up this morning I had a special surprise. This is what I found when my kiddos got up.

Adorable huh!!! I am so lucky to have a great husband and wonderful kids!!! The rest of the day went great as well. I have more to post but I'll add to this tomorrow!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


While in Colorado I got to catch up with a lot of old friends. This is a high school/college friend Bekah and my kiddos. I haven't seen her in a few years. I also ran into my all time best friend Shea randomly at Wal-mart the night before she was leaving for South America! And to top it off it was my high schools 10 year high school reunion. The timing was coincidence and I hadn't even planned on attending any of the events but Gabe asked me if I wanted to go to the picnic at Fox Run. The kids had all just gone down for naps and so we hopped in the car and saw a bunch of old friends. I was surprised at how many names came back to me almost instantly. It was pretty funny, there was still someone who thought that Gabe and me were together...Fun having a sibling of the opposite sex in the same grade with you! All in all it was good time catching up...good memories, good friends.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wakeboarding in Pueblo

One of the most exciting things I was looking forward to for our Colorado trip was #1 seeing Andrew after 2 years (of course) and #2 wake boarding. So here are lots of pics of the fam doing what I love most!Here's my pops! Isn't he fit! He's so great to drive us and pull us most of the day, only getting a short run in himself. Thanks Dad!
Little bro Joe. He's a stud!

Big bro Gabe...
Little bro Zig...He's so fun to watch!
I love the water distortion in this photo!
A glimpse of what the reservoir looks like. It's really pretty!
A jump almost landed
Here's my little man Ash driving the boat, what a cutie!
The most beautiful little girl ever!

Kiddie rid with Ashton, he was having a great time, but like his cousin Ben whom didn't get photoed, ended like this....
Overall a BLAST!!! I hope one day we're all rich so we can spend weeks on the lake together!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Temple Trip

On Saturday the family was able to go to the Denver Temple to do baptisms and sealings. What a wonderful experience!!! Andrew just got home from serving a mission in Puerto Rico and it has been years since all the family has been together. It was especially meaningful to go to the temple with all the family (with the exception of Michael) and be reminded of the eternal family bond that we have, thanks to our loving Saviour. It was also the first time that I have been there since Tyler and I were married there four years ago and again, I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband and friend to be mine for the eternities (along with our own two beautiful boys). I am SOOOO grateful for temples and for the opportunity that we have to receive perspective, guidance and strength from our Father in Heaven. I savored every minute of it.
Here is a picture of the group (with the exception of my in-laws-who were also with us and taking this picture~thanks!)
My fun-loving father-in-law, feeling good.
Andrew, me and Joey, or, Los solteros (the singles). Well, I'm not but without Tyler physically there, I got thrown into this group.
Gotta love brothers! (Can you believe that I'm fake strangling a just turned 13 year old? I mean look at my heals and he's still got height on me!)
My beautiful parents. Couldn't have dreamed of better!
Big bro Gabe and wife Becca
Little Sis Kirsten and her hubbie Ryan (oh, and little Keith expected to make his earthly appearance next week!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

9 months

My baby boy is 9 months old!!! He had his well baby check up yesterday and here are his stats

Weight: 21 lb 2 oz (60th percentile)
Height: 29 3/4 inches (65th percentile)

So here is what my little Isaac is doing now...Rolls, sits, spins, loves to grab his little feet, loves to stick out his tongue, blow raspberries, he's not crawling but is able to scoot backwards while he is on his tummy. He still doesn't have any teeth so his smile is just as sweet as can be. He absolutely loves his older brother, is ticklish on his thighs and tummy, loves bubbles and is starting to self feed table foods. He also really loves his daddy and has a special smile that only Dad gets. Overall he is EXTREMELY happy. I am so happy to have him with us and can't wait to continue to see his personality unfold. He is my little angel and I adore him!!!