Saturday, October 31, 2009

Morning of mourning

So yesterday morning as we were getting ready to go downstairs for some breakfast Ashton stopped at the top step and asked, "Is my daddy working?" to which I replied, "yup, Daddy's working". A slow frown creeped over his face and he and in a sad almost panicky way said "my daddy's at work?"...and then he lost it. Aboslutely lost it. Huge alligator tears poured down his face and he sobbed for a good five minutes. It was so sad! But at the same time it made me kinda happy to see how much he LOVES his Daddy!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

I can hardly believe it...My sweet Isaac is one today! I feel so in love with him that I feel sad to see him grow up! I'm sure many of you can relate. Why can't they stay little forever. The sweet soft skin, the beautiful innocent eyes, the sheer joy of him nuzzling into my neck.

I really wanted it to be a NON-STRESS day so we just hung out and did all the things that he LOVES to do. Bath time, truck time, wrestle time. I stole him and Ashton away for a story/singing time at the pumpkin patch. He loved the songs and then romped around in the hay climbing on pumpkins. I think one of his highlights was riding on the hay horse and playing in the oversized box. ADORABLE!

After a surprisingly long nap it was time for presents. Daddy had made it home early from work and he was absolutely perfect. He opened presents, acted excited and played with the toys. We then ate his FAVORITE meal. We call it Larry Bean Soup (diced tomatoes, kidney beans, taco seasoning-Thanks Crockett's!). Last but not least, BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! He reaction was perfect again.

(more pics and possibly video to come soon)
We love you Isaac! Happy Birthday Baby!

Friday, October 23, 2009


It seems as though we have exited "fortunate-ville" and have had my fair share of flubs for a while. So lots of the kid flubs are cute but when they are on a more adult level...argggg. For example, I had scheduled Isaac's 1 year pictures at Picture People. While on the phone scheduling the appointment their rep kept saying the 30th instead of the 23rd but when I would clarify she would say "sorry, i meant the 23rd". So this morning we went out and bought the perfect cupcake for him to chow for some pics. We were running a few minutes late but that's not unusual. I was a little annoyed when Isaac rubbed his arm across the car tainting his perfectly delightful new shirt while waiting for me to pull Ashton from the car. I brushed it off and when we made it to the store only to hear that we were in the system for the 30th, well, I was down-right bothered. They said we could wait and get squeezed in as a walk-in. We walked to the food court....a rather long walk for Ashton who was limping because his shoes are apparently too small, grabbed a quick bite were we discovered the beautiful cupcake had been smashed. When we returned to the store we were informed we could be worked in at 3:45....We had arrived for an 11:45 appointment. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. We left and headed off to Home Depot. Tyler wanted a printer that he found on slickdeals that would be free after mail-in-rebate. He found the LAST one left in town and we were on our way to make it ours. He had put it on hold the night before and I called before leaving to make sure that it was still would be a 30 minute drive. It was. I hauled a ginormous printer with me, occupying the entirety of the front seat, to return...Tyler had bought the wrong one so I was returning this one for the correct one. Well, after managing to get us into the store with merchandise in hand I was regretabley informed that the paper I had brought with me was a rebate form, not a receipt. Okay, whatever, I'd return it later, now on to the printer. What? The printer? "Well, some guy named Jason was just in here and bought it... I didn't tell them my name when I called earlier so they didn't know who was coming in at 2pm to pick it...Never mind that it was on hold for a TYLER RUST! ARGGGGGG!!!! The customer service person was so incredibly rude and I had had enough of the bad luck that I was in tears walking back to my car. A weeks worth of bad luck all in one day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What happens when mom is on the phone for 5 minutes

I called my father to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and after Ashton sang a sweet birthday tune he ran off in excitement. I had just changed Isaac's diaper before dialing my Dad's number and obviously left the baby powder in baby's arm reach. It didn't take long for the boys to discover the magic of baby powder. Needless to say I didn't get to talk to my Dad long but I did snap a few pics before I ended the blissful chaos.

In any rate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! You are the best of the best.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A day in the life of Isaac

So Isaac is just about the cutest thing ever. He is quick too. Here are some adorable pictures of the things that he does while I cook some eggs, look up an address, or empty the dishwasher.

So these last pictures may be a little disturbing to some, but in all honesty, most infants are enamored with toilet paper and there is a reason for the toilet seat lock invention...I guess it's time to pull ours back out. It was pretty stinking cute. He would carefully tear pieces of toilet paper and drop them into the least the toilet had been cleaned that day AND nobody had forgotten to flush!

Firestation Fun

Because Ashton, Isaac and I know the firemen in the area (for more info see this post) I volunteered to host playgroup this week and scheduled a time with our firefighting friends to bring the kids to the fire station. The kids loved the huge red truck and tour of the station. They were even given their own fireman sticker badges. The best part was when the firemen turned on the flashing lights on the truck. As we were leaving the alarm sounded and we watched the big red truck speed away. We then came back to our house and made these cute fireman hats.
The fireman in the middle is one who helped with Ashton over the summer. The firemen over there call him the locksmith boy:)

Sporting his shiny sticker badge

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Moves

My baby Isaac is approaching his first birthday. I have to say he has been such an easy-going baby! So happy, laughy, and content. He has not been very motivated to stand, walk, or even cruise...crazy how different he and Ashton are. But regardless they love each other dearly. I absolutely LOVE to see the excitement on their little faces when they reunite after naps. Anyways, as of today, Isaac can officially pull himself up. He was standing in his crib after each nap and then I saw the move in action as we were playing this afternoon. He was having fun pushing buttons on the phone so I moved up onto the coffee table. His eyes were fixed on the phone as he grabbed onto the top of the table. He had to adjust his chubby feet twice before he was in a position to pull up, but he did it!!! We were so excited together....seeing your kids learn and grow...ah, what a good day!