Friday, October 23, 2009


It seems as though we have exited "fortunate-ville" and have had my fair share of flubs for a while. So lots of the kid flubs are cute but when they are on a more adult level...argggg. For example, I had scheduled Isaac's 1 year pictures at Picture People. While on the phone scheduling the appointment their rep kept saying the 30th instead of the 23rd but when I would clarify she would say "sorry, i meant the 23rd". So this morning we went out and bought the perfect cupcake for him to chow for some pics. We were running a few minutes late but that's not unusual. I was a little annoyed when Isaac rubbed his arm across the car tainting his perfectly delightful new shirt while waiting for me to pull Ashton from the car. I brushed it off and when we made it to the store only to hear that we were in the system for the 30th, well, I was down-right bothered. They said we could wait and get squeezed in as a walk-in. We walked to the food court....a rather long walk for Ashton who was limping because his shoes are apparently too small, grabbed a quick bite were we discovered the beautiful cupcake had been smashed. When we returned to the store we were informed we could be worked in at 3:45....We had arrived for an 11:45 appointment. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. We left and headed off to Home Depot. Tyler wanted a printer that he found on slickdeals that would be free after mail-in-rebate. He found the LAST one left in town and we were on our way to make it ours. He had put it on hold the night before and I called before leaving to make sure that it was still would be a 30 minute drive. It was. I hauled a ginormous printer with me, occupying the entirety of the front seat, to return...Tyler had bought the wrong one so I was returning this one for the correct one. Well, after managing to get us into the store with merchandise in hand I was regretabley informed that the paper I had brought with me was a rebate form, not a receipt. Okay, whatever, I'd return it later, now on to the printer. What? The printer? "Well, some guy named Jason was just in here and bought it... I didn't tell them my name when I called earlier so they didn't know who was coming in at 2pm to pick it...Never mind that it was on hold for a TYLER RUST! ARGGGGGG!!!! The customer service person was so incredibly rude and I had had enough of the bad luck that I was in tears walking back to my car. A weeks worth of bad luck all in one day.

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