Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

I can hardly believe it...My sweet Isaac is one today! I feel so in love with him that I feel sad to see him grow up! I'm sure many of you can relate. Why can't they stay little forever. The sweet soft skin, the beautiful innocent eyes, the sheer joy of him nuzzling into my neck.

I really wanted it to be a NON-STRESS day so we just hung out and did all the things that he LOVES to do. Bath time, truck time, wrestle time. I stole him and Ashton away for a story/singing time at the pumpkin patch. He loved the songs and then romped around in the hay climbing on pumpkins. I think one of his highlights was riding on the hay horse and playing in the oversized box. ADORABLE!

After a surprisingly long nap it was time for presents. Daddy had made it home early from work and he was absolutely perfect. He opened presents, acted excited and played with the toys. We then ate his FAVORITE meal. We call it Larry Bean Soup (diced tomatoes, kidney beans, taco seasoning-Thanks Crockett's!). Last but not least, BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! He reaction was perfect again.

(more pics and possibly video to come soon)
We love you Isaac! Happy Birthday Baby!


Rebecca said...

It's amazing how fast our babies grow up. And I can't believe Isaac is one! He is so, so cute!! I'm glad he had a great birthday:)

Kev and Chels said...

I can't believe he's one either! Wow! Sorry you had such a bad day the other day! So annoying about the printer! I need your new phone number, I tried to call yesterday and got someone else:)

Kirst said...

Happy birthday Issac, you are so adorable and fun, wish we could see you grow up in person

becca said...

Happy birthday little Isaac! Sounds like you had a fun day!! Sorry we missed it... we'll have to come and visit again soon.