Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Neglection Rejection

My gosh! I don't get on here often enough! I need to quit checking facebook for the whole 15 minutes that I do and write about these fleeting moments that I have with my sweet kids while the are still little!

As it has been forever I will just give a general post before I get to all the daily's that I hope to remember.

Our life is fairly routine right now.  Ashton is in school and is excelling in everything! He has just caught on to reading is  reading up a storm! As we were getting his backpack ready this morning I found a slip of paper in his folder that said he had a part in that mornings school announcements and that he needed to learn his part.  I almost freaked out because we were all ready tight on time.  Then I remembered that he could read his part!!!! I read it through with him once, that's it, that was all the time we could give.  Then I dropped him off at school and then headed to his schools library so we could watch/support him in this event.  He was there with three classmates all ready to deliver his part in the televised announcement.  and he did great! Here was his part.

Thank you, you may be seated.  Today for lunch you have your choice of a turkey hot dog or a toasted cheese sandwhich.

It was so adorable! He did great, read right through his part in a clear loud voice.  He was so handsome and even such an insignificant announcement made me proud.

While Ashton is at school Isaac and Ezra get to hang out with me.  We spend just a short time doing chores (making beds, unloading the dishwasher and starting some laundry) and then is play time! They love to be outside. We have a basketball hoop that they both shoot on. Ezra is a little exhausting because he has to shoot at the big hoop, nevermind his small toddler standard.  He tries to dribble and all, and when he's ready for a rest he sits his cute little tush on his ball.  Other daily activities are race cars (hotwheel tracks) board games with Isaac (checkers and mousetrap are his favorites) and book reading of course.  Isaac is into doing preschool with me and is learning to read. We hit up the park, the library, and the gym regularly. Some days we get together with friends or with Kirsten and the cousins.  Boy do my boys ever LOVE their cousins!!!!

Isaac and Ashton are currently playing basketball for the YMCA and have improved tremendously!! They are smart little players! and love to hustle especially for the rebounds! Tyler over the last three weeks has taught them to ride their bikes with out the training wheels! Oh my they are growing up too fast!!!

Ezra just wants to be a part of the big boy squad. It's pretty cute. He loves his brothers and loves to wrestle around with them. I can hardly believe he is almost 1 and half!

Tyler keeps busy! He's at work about 11 hours a day and then usually gets in a few hours of studying. He ALWAYS makes time for his boys and for me.  He is definitely the one thing in my life that gives me strength and perspective.  He is the dream man I've always hoped to have.  And on top of that he still serves in his calling in the Elders Qourum, fixes the car, and even does cooking and yard work!

As for myself I feel like there is never enough time for anything except my kids, cooking, cleaning, playing etc.  I long for time to do things like home projects (painting and decorating) and crafts (photography and sewing) but I at least get to spend my time with the loves of my life.  Unfortunately this won't last. I feel like I get too upset when the house is a mess and I've been trying to work on finding the joys in messes.  I usually clean for an hour each night after the kids go to sleep.  Not only is it hard to clean when Ezra is up but also I'd rather use that time to spend with them.  So instead of cringing and grumpifying myself when Ezra uses sidewalk chalk on my freshly mopped tiles shortly after the olders spill a bottle of bubbles on said floor I grab my camera, snap a shot and then have the boys help clean it up...This happens most of the time. Sometimes I snap before the camera does.

And there it is, 15 minutes of well spent time! I will try to upload some pictures later tonight when my stinks don't need me but for now it's off to Ezra's well check and then to the sand park!