Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UP Party

Today we had Ashton's long awaited UP party. We've been planning it ever since Bakerella posted these UP cupcakes and I knew what we needed to do...We had some friends over, each kid painted little bird houses and then played while they dried. We lunch, hotdogs were served for the kiddos, Russell's meal in the movie...I was happy they all liked them, I was worried because kids are so fickle. Anyways, the moms had a more suitable lunch, thanks Manda for sharing your delicious spinach pasta salad and her infamous no-knead bread. The kids watched UP while the moms ate and when the kids got to rambunctious we ate the sprinkled covered treats. Before the party ended the kids tied balloons to their birdhouses to take home. It went as well as could be expected with a bunch of two and three year olds. In any case, I love you Ashton!!!