Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where, oh where could the other shoe be?

Yesterday I wanted to take Ashton to the store and started looking for his cute new little Nike shoes...I remembered putting them on the table the night before but there was only one on the table. I started the hunt searching every room in the house...No shoe...I grabbed the car keys determined to find it but kn0wing full well that I had taken them out of the car the night before. Sure enough no shoes. And my gut told me where they were. Last week I cleaned the house from top to bottom searching for Tyler's school badge which lets him into the school and hospital. For three days I cleaned and looked...No luck. And then we caught on to Ashton's new habit...Moving items from their place to either the laundry hamper or the trash can. Unfortunately the Tyler had just taken out the trash (but fortunately the trashman hadn't come yet). So the next place to look for the shoe was also my last one...the dumpster...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our little family....

A Tribute to Tyler

Besides working 80 hour weeks at the hospital, helping with Strides 4 Kids, and helping out with everyday life of being a husband and a father, Tyler has been working on his residency application. His class at school had recently taken portrait pictures and we were looking at which pose to buy to use in his CV. The pics were pretty pricey and we weren't in love with any of them, so we decided to make an appointment at The Picture People and get the shot retaken...(Plus it would be fun to get some more pictures of the family!) We went and got them taken yesterday and this is the picture that will be used on his resume...He looks great, doesn't he! In fact, he not only looks incredibley handsome, but he is INCREDIBLE. So I thought I would write a little about what Tyler did on his one day off this week and give you all a taste of what my amazing hubbie is like.

The day started with Ashton waking up at 5:40 a.m. Tyler and I had stayed up late watching the second season of Heroes so we were exhausted. I forced myself out of bed to not wake up Ty...He's up before us every other day of the week and deserves to sleep in for once. Well, two hours rolled by and I was feeling so tired (pregnancy has claimed this week to be one of my VERY TIRED weeks). I couldn't take it anymore so we went in the bedroom to see dad. We layed down next to him and he immediately shot up out of bed and was quick to make Ash smile. He swept him up out of the bed and told me to take a nap...I wanted to resist, and even got up after them but he again told me that I should take a nap (he knew I had been feeling tired). So I slept for almost two hours and when I got up Ashton had just gone down for his nap. I had only jogged once this week so I asked if he minded if I went for a jog. So off I went, feeling refreshed after a good nap. I came home and was greeted by my two smiling boys. Ashton had had his bath and it was almost lunch time...I didn't know what to make so after rattling off a few ideas Tyler went to the kitchen and whipped up some delicious quesadillas. He then cleaned up after lunch and took out the trash...What a treat!

Well, at that point we needed to figure out what to wear for our pictures and we made a mess of the clean but unfolded laundry that I had been meaning to get to but just didn't have the energy. So off we went to the photo shoot. While we were waiting to preview our pictures we grabbed some food at Chick-fil-a and Tyler took care of feeding Ashton until I was all done with my meal. He was being so sweet! The pictures turned out great. We chose some poses and went home. I went to put Ashton down for the night and as I was singing to him I was picturing the huge mess of clothes spread on the floor and bed. Uggggh. I was not in the mood. But once again I was rescued by my loving husband. When I opened the door to my surprise no clothes were in sight. Clothes were hung in the closet and put away.

Needless to say I felt so loved. Ty knows how much I like (and in my mind "need') to have the house picked up and although he is just as/if not more tired than I, he was happy to relieve me of my usual duties. As I went to thank him he told me how much he appreciated me and all I do. Do you see what I mean! This man is amazing. I love him and feel so loved by him. I am convinced that I married the most amazing, handsome, talented and loving man in the whole world...

Kiss Attack!!!

What a perfect picture! This is of a little game we play with Ashton, and it's quite simple. Tyler stands on one side of him and I on the other. We say "1,2,3..kiss attack!" and smoother Ashton with kisses on the cheek. This is his reaction EVERYTIME! So when the photographer told us to kiss Ash on the cheek, we knew exactly what to do.

29 Weeks

We thought since we were taking pictures, we might as well include baby Isaac how we could. I don't exactly feel beautiful when I'm pregnant, but when I see this picture I do! Being pregnant is such an extraordinary feeling. Especially when you can see and feel the sweet babe moving around. There is life within life. And this little life in me is such an active little guy, especially when I'm holding Ashton. I can't wait for the two of them to meet. Ashton will make an awesome big brother. He is so full of love. He rocks babies in their car seats, kisses them, and even treats his monkey boo like he's a person, by feeding him (giving him a bottle and putting peas up on his nose) and kissing him (more than anyone else!).

Overall, I'd say the pregnancy is going well. I keep so busy with Ashton and preparing for Strides 4 Kids that I don't have a lot of time to dwell on feeling tired or uncomfortable. In fact, this pregnancy has flown by! I can't believe my baby is only have 2 and half months away!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Binkis and Boots

Ashton never really took a binki, but he occassionaly will suck on one like it's a game...and he doesn't really like wearing shoes, but when he sees these bright blue boots he starts to laugh and tries to put them on...and he doesn't want them to come off! It's so cute, I had to take pics...

Here's a close up of the boots.

What a stud!!!

Weekend in Utah

We haven't been to Utah for three years, so we were excited to get there for Tyler's brothers wedding (and to eat at our favorite spot, Cafe Rio). Ryan and Becky were married August 2 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah. It's been a while since I have been to a temple sealing. During the ceremony the sealer asked Ryan if he wanted to spend eternity with Becky. Ryan looked at Becky, gave her a sweet smile and said, "Of course I do" heart melted and the tears started flowing and they didn't stop till well after the ceremony was through. I love my marriage. I love Tyler. Being with him is the best thing to ever happen to me, and so when I see others in love I get overwhelmed with joy. Congrats Ryan and Becky!

We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Rust in Salem Utah...they are so hospitable and fun to be with and we enjoyed showing off Ashton. Ashton thought Grandpapa was especially funny.

The night before the wedding we ate with the Rust boys, parents, grandparents, and friends at Chiles. Here's the group...

Ashton, who absolutely loves people was enjoying the company. He also managed to grab the tables attention by eating chips the adult way...with salsa. At first he barely dabbed his chip in the salsa bowl, but after a little taste, he repeatedly went back for the scoop. His eyes began to water but it was so cute I couldn't stop him. And he didn't even stop himself!

Other hightlights of the trip included feeding the geese at the lake behind the house in Salem and riding in Tyler's grandparents new ATV in their backyard. Ashton didn't ride in the ATV but he did get a taste for speed sitting on the motorcycle at the wedding luncheon.

We had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer!