Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swim Meet!!!!

So swimming in Texas is big. TEXAS BIG. And since it gets so dang hot here we decided that Ashton was old enough to join the club. He has surprisingly not complained much about the practices which are 5 days a week for almost  2 months. Last night he had his first swim meet. Oh my goodness, it was quite the event. There were tons of people, tons of swimmers and he and I were both nervous. He had qualified to swim freestyle for the 6 and unders with a qualifying time of 47 seconds.

Here are a few pics of the big event.

Here's the team doing the pre-game chant.

And here he is with his buddies Thane and Carson. This is Thane's second year and helped ease Ashton's nerves about the whole thing. Ashton followed Thane in the same lane which definitely was calming for Ash). Carson is on the team and though he didn't compete in this race we were glad he came to support his friends!

And here is my boy in ACTION! It was so fun! and he did fantastic, coming down on his time by 6 seconds! We were so proud of our little man!