Thursday, January 22, 2009

What happened to Bo?

So Ashton has been talking A LOT lately. He knows at leat 150 words and uses them! And now he has gone from using words to making sentances...Some include "Nice Shot!" (while playing basketball), "bonk baby's head", and my favorite, "What happened to Bo?" (refering to his must have monkey). He now is substituting Bo for other people like papa, nana, baby, etc. Isn't he too young for this???

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Isaac Two months old

I can't believe that Isaac is all ready 2 months old. He has become so alert and happy. He smiles all the time and LOVES to be talked to. He has become especially fond of Papa Rust and can't resist talking, cooing, and laughing when Papa holds and talks to him. This are a few of my favorite pictures of Isaac. I especially love the Eskimo looking one.

This is Isaac playing with his new Christmas toy. There is a star that lights up and plays music when the bars are bumped and Isaac gets so excited when he is on his mat that he laughs and kicks so the star is continuously flashing and playing music. Ashton likes the mat and his brother too!
So although Isaac is small and doesn't do a lot, I love him to death. There is something about the way that he looks at me, with his tender eyes and beaming smile, and I know that he knows me and loves me. I love it, I love him, and I love being his mother. I feel truly blessed that he is mine and I'm enjoying the time I have with him.