Monday, November 28, 2011

Announcing Ezra

September 5, 2011
10:36 p.m.
8 lb. 5 oz. 21 1/4 inches

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So....I'm not sure why it has been so hard for me to keep up with this blogging thing. Probably because so much has happened and I would like to include everything that I didn't blog about, like our Disney trip, the holidays, our upcoming baby and I just don't know where to start. I guess for now I will just tell myself that I missed my chance and so I need to just move forward with the present. And so I will start with that. Here's to me I guess, and my latest!

I am currently taking my second photography course at Pikes Peak Community College and I'm finally learning the stuff I wanted to learn in my present course! So here are some of my favorite pictures and I hope you like them!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Years Resolution


I just finished making a book on blurb of our family trip to Disney World and I cannot wait to get it! This made me realize that I haven't even posted about our trip, Isaac's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. In fact, I didn't even make any new years resolutions....uh, WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING???!!! This needs to remedied immediately and so I propose my new years resolution: to make at least posts a month on my blog (one for each family member) so that when I publish my blog in a book I have a family journal of what went on in our sometimes crazy sometimes mundane lives. My family is EVERYTHING to me and I am realizing how quickly my babies are growing and I simply MUST preserve memories of these times that are fleeting. I mean, Ashton has all ready learned to right his name, spell all his family members names and read simple words. Isaac is potty trained and using the cutest sentences and expressions and because I didn't record them immediately, the memories will fade exponentially over time. SAD.

Also, I did get a flip camera for Christmas which I LOVE because it's sooooo much easier for me to upload to the computer. So even though videos won't be in my preserved blog books, they can be available for anyone (especially my kids) to see. So here's to January, the month of goals, resolutions, and faith in ourselves.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ashton's First Pick up-line

I was shopping at Gymboree yesterday and the store has a little section for kids with a couple of chairs and a TV. Ashton sat down and seconds later a girl sat next to him. This is what overheard.

Ashton: Elephants have trunks you know.

Girl: I know. I'm six. How old are you?

Ashton: I'm three.

I'm not sure what I thought was funnier. Earlier that morning I played a teletubby video in my room (Isaac picked it out at the library) so I could get ready. A few minutes into I asked the kids what they thought. Isaac was GLUED and laughing. I didn't need an answer from him. Ashton on the other hand looked at me and said, "I think this is SCARY!!!".