Saturday, August 31, 2013


 Look at my First Grader!!!! Here he is the morning of the first day.  He LOVED summer vacation and was not thrilled about going back to school. And I of course felt the same way, he is such a joy, my big helper, my was good having him around.

Look at that cute face! He has class with a couple of his good friends so hopefully his class doesn't get too roudy!

 Can't you see the excitement on his face? At least this year he didn't cry...

Isaac on the other hand was SUPER excited to start PRE_SCHOOL!!! He is going at the school, and although I HATE that it is half day M-F, it is good for him. 

A little bonus, Isaac got to be the line leader that first morning. Look at his cute face. He's heard so much about school from Ashton and then, on the first day he got to be the much anticipated line leader.
The house is quite without these boys here. Ezra get some one on one which is AWESOME, and then I get a little time for myself to catch up on house stuff while Ezra naps.  I could get used to this!