Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Upcoming Surgery

Almost two years ago Ashton had his last of four surgeries. For most of you who don't know Ashton had a massive brain bleed when he was born. He underwent immediate life-saving surgery for which we are so grateful. To make a complete recovery from this surgery means that his skull needs to be patched up. He had two cranioplasties in the year following that initial surgery, neither of them took, so he still has a gaping whole in his skull.So, for the last two years we have had very little to worry about with Ashton...But know that it is confirmed that the last cranioplasty using bone morphogenic protein II didn't take and know that he is getting older and crazy rambunctious as expected for an almost three year old (getting his head stuck in his bed slats, falling down the stairs, flipping over in a runaway stroller in the seaworld parking lot, smacking his head a wooden chest), it's time to take action and make sure no future accidents cause permanent damage. He is scheduled to have surgery on May 24 (tissue expansion we opted to do for a scar revision) and cranioplasty on June 16 (this time with titanium rods and methylmethacrylate). Of course I am nervous and anxious, but I am trusting in God. I love the power of prayer, the sweet assurance of the Holy Spirit, for my knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father who knows us and of course for priesthood blessings. We can do this!!!

Oh the wisdom...

Ashton often likes to help out around the house...Doing dishes, cooking, throwing trash away, etc. Well, the other day he was helping out in the kitchen and Tyler and I were caught up with cooking. I knew Ashton was messing around with the microwave but he never turned it on, I just heard a lot of beeping. When I went to melt some butter a little later, this is what I found.
Here's a closer look!!!!

This microwave is almost ten years old. So glad that they thought of this protective measure!

The Mustache Man

I don't know where this crazy idea came from, but Tyler came home from work earlier this month and declared he was growing a mustache...because everyone at work was growing a March mustache...don't know why. He told his co-workers that he couldn't, his facial hair is so patchy...I'm not sure what all was said, but he decided he had to prove to him that he couldn't. So here it is, the picture was taken on March 31st, one full month of mustache madness, not even trimmed once. Rest assured, this will be the first and last mustache he ever grows. Here's to you Babe, I love you!!!!