Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A sincere wish

During Family Home Evening last night Ashton gave the opening prayer. His final sentence was one that makes you open your eyes to find your spouse with an equally big grin on their face. He said "please bless everyone in the world who has been good that they can get a nice toy for Christmas and not a broken one." I love these moments!

Saturday, December 1, 2012



FOUR!!!! You are FOUR!!! You have been waiting for this for the last two months...and now that it is here you are just as cute as ever. You woke up telling the family how yesterday you were this tall (marking to about your nose) and now you are this tall...Like you grew a foot overnight :).

You are mister funny man. You love to make us laugh and you like to be on the edge (as in, like to bend the rules or test the limits). And you are a pretty chill kid. and you are a kid who is always willing to try, even if you are scared. You love to play basketball, ride your scooter, you love Batman and love to play with your hotwheels or your planes.  You enjoy reading books, eating popscicles and wrestling with your dad. Hide and seek and getting chased and playing board games are also at the top of your list.  You have a sweet tooth but you also like to eat healthy and always ask what foods are healthy and if what you are eating is healthy...It's a big deal to you. You are a little shy but you have the BIGGEST heart! I don't quite remember the wording but when you were born and your father gave you a Father's Blessing you were blessed to be a strength and a help to your mom and that is EXACTLY what you are. You are THE ONE who can calm me when I loose my cool. Mostly you just tell me sweetly and ever so sincerely that you love me, and often there is a hug involved and that's all I need to calm my storm.  In fact, I remember when you only two you CONSTANTLY would say the words, "I love you"...the crazy thing is when you say it, your eyes testify that you mean it.

For your photo shoot you insisted that we go to the park. First up are your different expressions. Isaac, YOU"RE THE BEST!!!!

And my aren't you handsome!!! Happy 4th Birthday Isaac!!!