Monday, September 13, 2010


For the last couple of years my brothers and their band Studio 7 has played at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk-a-thon fundraiser. They are getting really good and played for several hours. What's crazy is that two of the band members have junenile diabetes, the second one being diagnosed after they first played for JDRF. Anyways, there was a lot of activites, the walk itself, good music and a yummy lunch. It made for a really fun morning. Plus I got to try out my camera skills. I am currently taking a photography class so almost all the pictures I took were a result of my handiwork. So if some of pictures are out of focus or overexposed that's why...I hate to admit it but I lose A TON of pictures to overexposure :(!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Balloon Classic

Colorado Springs holds an annual Hot Air Balloon Classic over Labor Day Weekend. I loved going as a kid and now that we are here I just HAD to wake my boys up for a special surprise.

Ashton LOVED running to the inflating balloons for a photo shoot. He did it again and again!

Unfortunately it was dangerously windy so the balloons didn't take off but we still had fun and we have been lucky enough to spy a few hot-air balloons since floating new my parents home since!

The Spinning Chair

A couple of weeks ago the boys put on their uncles sweet shades and took turns spinning eachother in my parents study on the computer chair. After several minutes they both climbed on and asked me to spin them...I was a little leery because they had both finished a huge dinner but I thought to myself "kids handle spinning way better than adults do" it was very logical to me! So I spun and spun and they chanted "faster, faster!!!"

Can you see his brother in the reflection of his glasses?

Another several minutes passed and then I was kicked by a spinning leg. I fell over and pretended to be hurt so I could sucker them in for a few hugs and kisses. My plan worked. They scurried off the chair, ran over and jumped on top of me. Isaac came in for the first kiss and as I puckered up I saw his lips seperate and his mouth got wider and wider. It was seriously in slow motion. I began to yell "NO!!!!!" My mouth opened at just the WRONG moment! Vomit came pouring in. I sat up quickly but it kept coming, EVERYWHERE. My hair, down my shirt, on my skirt on the floor...I ran him to bathroom whith Ashton close on our heels. Isaac is almost through when Ashton says "awwwww! There's puke EVERYWHERE!!!" and then he starts hurling....EEEEWWWWW!

Note to parent: Never indulge your kid in a "spinning chair". It's not worth it!

Lazy me....

No posts for me for months now! I guess I have just been down right lazy since we moved from Texas. So for those of you who don't know Tyler finished up his intern year in general surgery the beginning of July and recieved our next assignment as Flight Surgery at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs. So while we are not thrilled at being forced to delay residency we are grateful to be in Colorado Springs with TONS of family :).

Unfortunately we recieved orders so late that the AF was overbooked to move us until the end of July which didn't work for us since we had my brother's wedding to attend mid July. This meant an unepected DITY move (do it yourself). We made arrangments through ABF where we loaded a trailer and they drive it out for you. Would have been perfect if they hadn't given us a broken ramp which ended up crushing Tyler's hand...(torn flesh, broken bones, severed nerves...wonderful!). In any case we had lots of friends and family come to our rescue and left two days after the accident...right on schedule! I have been staying at my in-laws and my parent's house over the last few months for a few reasons. #1- Tyler was sent back to Texas that very same month for a 2 month training and #2 The cute house that we chose to rent wasn't going to be available until Sept. 20. I am very excited to have my family back (for a little while) and hopefully will be able to establish some normal routines again and stop being so LAZY. So rather than try to post what all we have been up to over the last couple of months I will do a couple of entries that will definitely be out of choronological order...