Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So....I'm not sure why it has been so hard for me to keep up with this blogging thing. Probably because so much has happened and I would like to include everything that I didn't blog about, like our Disney trip, the holidays, our upcoming baby and I just don't know where to start. I guess for now I will just tell myself that I missed my chance and so I need to just move forward with the present. And so I will start with that. Here's to me I guess, and my latest!

I am currently taking my second photography course at Pikes Peak Community College and I'm finally learning the stuff I wanted to learn in my present course! So here are some of my favorite pictures and I hope you like them!


KevandChels said...

Your upcoming baby?? Didn't know about that one! Congrats! When is he/she/you due?

Jolena said...

these pictures are awesome! And I'm with the comment above, I didn't know you were pregnant. Congratulations!

Jessi said...

Hey Holly! I heard you were taking some classes on photography! I love your pics! My portrait lens is a 50 mm 1:25. I love it for individual shots, especialy close ups, but its hard to get the DOF right in a large group, because it doesn't allow for a very deep one. I think a larger portrait lens would be nice for larger amounts of people, or just a different lens all together. What I really want is a lens equal to my kit lens in size, but just better quality. I think that would make for better group pictures. I had a master flash with a large filter on it, and I ended up shooting in auto.

Mike suggested that I shoot in Aperture priority at F8.0. If I had the master flash on - then to shoot at ISO 200. If I turned the flash flash off to shoot at ISO 400. (and hes the best in the family)

In the hustle and bustle of having the family wait on me, I got flustered and didn't feel confident enough to try something new. - therefore ended up shooting in auto. I like the pictures, but wish I would have tried what he said. I bet the lighting and quality would have been a bit better. ( She wanted the rustic, artsy look, so that is why we left a lot of the surrounding background in. But i do wish I would have done some close ups as well. I still have a lot to learn. )

Jessi said...
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Jessi said...

BTW I love the creative shadows on Joey. it makes him look tough. I have a couple of great books on flash photography, and an awesome one on photgraphing families and children. if you want the names let me know.

You were brave to takes pics in the sunlight, and they turned out awesome! I have a hard time shooting in bright sunlight, b/c i feel like I don't have enough control over the light, or they come out either squinty or too shadowy. what lens and settings are you using outside? are you on a tripod?

great job! what classes are you taking?

sorry.. i am taking up a lot of space here. thanks for your suggestions!

Amanda said...

Hey woman! Congratulations on your pregnancy! That's so exciting!! How far along are you? I just found out I'm pregnant too - we can be friends :o) Call me sometime so we can catch up. Love you!

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