Thursday, October 8, 2009

Firestation Fun

Because Ashton, Isaac and I know the firemen in the area (for more info see this post) I volunteered to host playgroup this week and scheduled a time with our firefighting friends to bring the kids to the fire station. The kids loved the huge red truck and tour of the station. They were even given their own fireman sticker badges. The best part was when the firemen turned on the flashing lights on the truck. As we were leaving the alarm sounded and we watched the big red truck speed away. We then came back to our house and made these cute fireman hats.
The fireman in the middle is one who helped with Ashton over the summer. The firemen over there call him the locksmith boy:)

Sporting his shiny sticker badge


Kev and Chels said...

Sounds fun! YOu're awesome. I love how you make friends with EVERYONE!

Angelavon said...

wow! ashton has grown so much!!!