Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Moves

My baby Isaac is approaching his first birthday. I have to say he has been such an easy-going baby! So happy, laughy, and content. He has not been very motivated to stand, walk, or even cruise...crazy how different he and Ashton are. But regardless they love each other dearly. I absolutely LOVE to see the excitement on their little faces when they reunite after naps. Anyways, as of today, Isaac can officially pull himself up. He was standing in his crib after each nap and then I saw the move in action as we were playing this afternoon. He was having fun pushing buttons on the phone so I moved up onto the coffee table. His eyes were fixed on the phone as he grabbed onto the top of the table. He had to adjust his chubby feet twice before he was in a position to pull up, but he did it!!! We were so excited together....seeing your kids learn and grow...ah, what a good day!

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Kirst said...

YAY Isaac! Way to go buddy. Keep up the good work and give your mama extra kisses from us.