Friday, August 14, 2009

Wakeboarding in Pueblo

One of the most exciting things I was looking forward to for our Colorado trip was #1 seeing Andrew after 2 years (of course) and #2 wake boarding. So here are lots of pics of the fam doing what I love most!Here's my pops! Isn't he fit! He's so great to drive us and pull us most of the day, only getting a short run in himself. Thanks Dad!
Little bro Joe. He's a stud!

Big bro Gabe...
Little bro Zig...He's so fun to watch!
I love the water distortion in this photo!
A glimpse of what the reservoir looks like. It's really pretty!
A jump almost landed
Here's my little man Ash driving the boat, what a cutie!
The most beautiful little girl ever!

Kiddie rid with Ashton, he was having a great time, but like his cousin Ben whom didn't get photoed, ended like this....
Overall a BLAST!!! I hope one day we're all rich so we can spend weeks on the lake together!

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Angelavon said...

Dang, this is really weird to say, but your dad does look really good! Pretty amazing for his age! Anyways...glad you guys are having fun! Hopefully when you have lots of money and spend your weeks on the lake, you'll invite us to come too:) Somebody's gotta teach me how to wakeboard!