Saturday, April 4, 2009

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon

For the past 2 months I have been training for a half marathon with 6 friends. We had a training schedule, a blog to chart progress etc. and overall some great company.

Today, we ran it!!! I'll admit, it was lots harder than I thought it would be, but I did meet my personal goal to run it in under 9 min/miles (I was at 8:59 min/miles) and I PR'd! My time was 1:57:37.

Thanks Mindy for pushing me!


Here's our troop: me, Mindy, Amy, Emily, Angela, Chelsey


and of course, the pyramid!!! We missed you Chantal!!!


and we can't forget the support team!

Because the race was in Springfield IL we all drove up the day before. When we arrived Friday Tyler and I took the kids to experience the Abe Lincoln Museum...and WOW!!! It was beautiful! The exhibits were very aesthetic and the message was powerful. I loved getting to read about our great President, his failures, successes, trials, and triumphs. My favorite exhibit took us through the events of his presidency. The little tour was so vivid it almost felt as though you were there, in the heat of the civil war. By the end I was in tears... Our country suffered so many casualties in the fight to end slavery and even claimed Lincoln's life...but the fight was not in vain. Slaves were emancipated! I am grateful to live in this present, a time when our country treats all mankind as equals...sure life and government isn't perfect but have moved forward. I feel like a better person having learned more about President Lincoln and the great man he was.

I've got some cute pictures of the kids at Mrs. Lincoln's attic so check back!!!


Kristin said...

Holly-that is awesome you ran a half marathon. I'm impressed! I was thinking of running one myself in the fall, this post has inspired me to sign up and make it official :)

Kirst said...

Way to go Holls! You are amazing, of course I've always known that.