Saturday, February 20, 2010


Ashton has been pretty jealous of the daddy and mommy dates lately, so after our date last weekend we promised that we would take him on a family date. Yesterday here in San Antonio was free grounds admission for military at the Rodeo and Tyler had the night off so we went and met up with some friends! It was perfect! It was overcast and chilly so there were not tons of people there. We were only there for a few hours (Tyler sleeps during the day plus we went before dinner), but we had fun with the few hours we had. There were a bunch of the big inflatables which Ashton LOVES (jumping is his passion). He went out of his comfort zone and stood in line for the Nemo inflatable and played all by himself (well, without mom, dad, or Kate). I was so proud of him!!!

They had a huge carousel which the kids were head over heels for. It was indescribable joy for me too to feel Isaac's little tummy roar in laughter while riding his moving horse. Poor Isaac was sooooooo jealous from then on out as he was too little for the many rides Ashton enjoyed later with Kate...Overall, great time!!! (I would have taken more pictures but my battery died!)

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Kirst said...

So much Fun. Family Dates are the BEST!