Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cake Pops

So my kids are a little bit picky...Well, at least Ashton was when he was one. Normal for most, right? Well, I've dug myself into a very deep hole that will only get deeper in time. It started with a cookie monster sandwich. No big deal, little outline using a gel writer on his sandwich. We progressed to Elmo pancakes (quite an art) monkey cupcakes, and continued with new pictures on sandwiches using edible ink pens...Then of course I had to try my hand at all of bakerellas goodies and amongst them where elmo and cookie monster cake pops. So here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. I wish I would have taken pictures of the good ones, each time I make them I haven't taken out the camera fast enough and of course they want the best ones first!

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Janelle Dobson said...

I am always so impressed when people can take a food and make it into an art. I remember seeing those cake pops on Bakerella and startled that anyone could actually make them. Way to go! They're awesome