Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Ashton and I made some awesome robot valentines to take to a Nursing Home with the young women in our ward...He had a blast delivering them but I knew I needed to make some for my boys when I saw the look of desperation on Isaac's face and we passed them to all the males in the home...except for him and his bro. We also made these "monster mailboxes" (both ideas from the Family Fun Magazine). This will definitely be a tradition. Ashton loves making crafts and had a great time making the eyes and gluing on the parts and I thought they were ADORABLE and a perfect place to stuff their valentines cards, candies, and presents...So will be doing this EVERY YEAR. Here are the kids discovering their loot. The Loot

And I couldn't resist the chance to stuff my boys with heart shaped pancakes. The only thing missing was my incredible husband... We did however have a romantic date the night before...

And we have to include the boys with the Valentine stuffed animals that they received in the mail along with many other goodies from Papa and Nana Rust! Thanks, the boys LOVE them!

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Kirst said...

I'm glad you had a great valentine's day.. Our boys made some valentines' for yours but I was a looser and never got them in the mail (partially because I didn't know how much extra postage nerds boxes would need). Happy V-day!