Monday, June 15, 2009

What happened to Bo?

The backyard of our house had a huge hole in the fence. This wouldn't be a problem but our neighbors have three barking dogs. Well, Ashton loved to go outside see the dogs and talk to them. He would get so excited and he took to the brown dog who is much tamer and more friendly than the others. Ashton liked the dog so much that he shared his fondest possession, Bo. Tyler was with him outside and I could here what was happening, so I quickly grabbed Ashton and headed out the door to the neighbors to retrieve Bo. The missionary in me came out and we knocked and knocked on the door until the neighbors came. Well, Bo was returned but he wasn't with us much longer.
Just look at the sweet innocent face.

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Kirst said...

How sad! I'm glad you have many back up Bos, but it still had to be disturbing for Ashton to have Bo torn up like that.