Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sanity, please!!!

While we were in Mexico, my kids slept like a dream. Long naps, solid night sleep and we were all sleeping in the same room. Well, since we have been back my kids have refused their afternoon naps. And they are CLEARLY exhausted. The crankiness, the eye rubbing and yawning. Since they share a room, when one cries, the other does and they just work eachother up. After an hour or so of screaming Tyler orI cave and we get them up. We even tried moving Isaac into the playroom but to no avail. For the third day running Isaac cried for 30 solid minutes as I was prepping Ashton for his nap. I new where this was headed so instead we packed up and headed to Sea World. We had a BLAST!!! We finally say Believe and sat in the splash zone. I'm gald we didn't have the camera with us because we were in Shamu's direct line of fire. We were soaked over and over and Isaac didn't cry out in complaint until the fourth soaking. It was great though. I wish I could have captured Ashton's face of awe and excitement as he watched the killer whales jump out of the water and do their great tricks. We then did some kids rides and also checked out this bouncy room with soft, huge blocks that we could throw at eachother and trip, jump over and bounce on.

Despite the fun we had the kids were overtired when we got home and the recurring question is, how do I get them to take their naps. Sea World, no matter how fun it is, cannot be the substitute.

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Kirst said...

I hate the non-nap days. I hope you can get them back to a schedule.