Monday, June 15, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

So my side of the family frequents Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta every few years. Tyler and I were unable to attend last time because Ashton was just a few days old...We made plans for this last trip early last September. We were unsure of Tyler's schedule since he would be starting as a resident but we set the date and sure enough that week was Tyler's first week of orientation at Lackland Air Force base as a general surgery intern. Needless to say he missed the trip, but I managed to sneak away with the boys. I don't know why I always steal away on trips without Tyler, and this time flying internationally with the boys by myself, but I have to admit I'm getting quite good at it. We meet up with my parents, Michael and Joey, and my brother Gabe and his wife Becca and kids Ashlee and Ben. We spent every morning and evening in a pool of some sort with the kids. During most naps Michael and Joey stayed in with the kids so we could go and enjoy beach volleyball and spa treatmenets. We won the two beach volleyball tournaments (my family loves to play and we're pretty good) winning free drinks. Becca won a spa treatment in a raffle our first night there and I won one a few nights later. I had to dance in front of the club members with Becca (we were the last two left) and then when the music stopped we had to hug the MC who conveniently ran and hid while our backs were turned. It was fun and the spa treatment was fabulous~!

We also took the kids to see the tigers and parrots at the zoo in the resort, went an a bike tour, ate delicious tacos al pastor at a taco stand in town, played on the beach, attempted to fly kites and more. We had a great time and while it was wonderful and my parents were extremely helpful, I don't want to go back without Tyler... Enjoy the pictures...It was beautiful!!!

I am so tire but still have some more cute pics at the beach to check back!!!


Rebecca said...

Lots of fun pictures! It looks and sounds like a blast. Hopefully Tyler can go next time!!

Kirst said...

Sounds like so much fun, we're defintely going to have to make the next trip.