Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I am a party person, my kids are party people. We LOVE to have parties and so we did a BOYS valentine party with cousins and some friends.  We played a couple of "don't brake my heart" games they loved!!! Here's game #1. It was supposed to be a relay but they just kept going till all the "hearts" were broken.


The boys were too funny. When the last egg hit, they new it! And they all had to scramble it to a gooey mess!

Game #2 was involved making cupid's arrows out of sticks from the yard and felt.  I then stuck a tissue paper heart onto some aluminum foil that was held in a needle point ring thingy and wedged into a tree. This time the boys were to put the heart breaking into skills into action.

This was a hit! Our last game was a scavenger hunt. I used little white cutout hearts and wrote clues with white crayon on them. After finding each clue they would have to paint the heart with water color to reveal the next clue until they found the treasure box of treats. We decorated treat bags, made bracelets for our moms and decorated sugar cookies. Too fun! I love these boys so much and am sooooo glad we got to celebrate.

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Becky said...

Love that you're blogging more!! You're such a cute mom!