Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodbye Colorado, Hello Texas

For almost 22 wonderful months we were able to live in Colorado Springs, close to family. It was some of the best years of our life. One of my favorite things was to see the kids get to know and love their grandparents. and it was a joy to see our parents become smitten with our children. Those sweet days are over and we have moved on to our next phase of life. Tyler was accepted into the Radiology Residency program with the United States Air Force and is to finish 4 of the 5 year training in San Antonio TX this starting July. We were thrilled to find out that they would accept his surgical intern year he did here in San Antonio prior to his flight doctor experience in Colorado. The AF sent him to San Antonio in March to first serve a deployment as flight doctor to airmen coming back to the states from the war in Afghanistan. As soon as he received orders for his family to move (PCS) about 2 weeks ago, we joined him! It was wonderful to have so much family there to help with the move. We had the house packed up, loaded on the truck, house cleaned and family moved down to Texas within a week special thanks to the many family members and friends we had Colorado.

So here we are, living in TLF (temporary living facilities) for the next month. With a family of 5 being crammed into a one room apartment, we have had very little fighting. The boys have had a blast being reunited with their daddy. Just a few hours ago while they were wrestling around on the bed Ashton told Ty" you are the funnest Dad ever, you are funner than all the other Dads!" Even Ezra at 8 months was trying to fall out of my arms so he could join the dog pile on Dad. I could hardly believe my eyes but I'm certain he wanted IN on all the fun.

Over the past week we have been househunting like CRAZY, and hauling the three boys across town to look at house after house is exhausting for everyone. Our incredible realtor Cathy has been so impressed with the boys behavior which of course makes me a very proud mama. With the exception of Isaac marking his territory outside of a few of the prospective homes she is absolutely right, they have been well behaved troopers! After many days full of looking at properties physically and online we finally put in an offer on a forclosed home yesterday. We probably looked like some crazy hillbillies while we were signing documents. We had spent the afternoon at Sea World, the boys were tired and I didn't have so much as a crayon to entertain the kids. They escaped the room a few times and ran around the office like a couple of crazies, Ezra was exhausted so I was on the floor trying to comfort and nurse him while Tyler handed me documents to initial. The worst part was when check writing time came and alls we had was one measly check. We knew we would need several and that there was only one but the rest were on the truck and it was a Saturday. Simultaneously Tyler and I spoke. I was apologizing for coming ill prepared with a single check while Tyler was trying to play the ignorance card "what? I guess this is our last one, I had no idea..."sort of thing.  We laughed hysterically last night over that one for almost an hour. I tell you, if you are looking for a good realtor Cathy Shoebel is the way to go. She is so non-judgemental, and far as we can tell anyway:)

So for now, we have an offer pending on a forclosed home in Stone Oak...and another back up plan offer on a home


KevandChels said...

loved reading these two posts! good luck guys! just reading these you can feel how special your family is:) we've been here two years now and i'm feeling anxious to move somewhere new. i'm thinkin' we should have done military:) i'm so super excited for you that they're counting your surgery year!!!! xoxo

rawhide said...

my sister lives in stone oak and loves it!!!!! she likes the ward and there are lots of families around there with kids. she loves the school too. i hope you get that house. plus, bekah is gonna be ther for 4 months. fun for you guys.

Heather said...

If we get stationed here I would probably move to stone oak. It is a really nice area. Let me know if you need to house hunt again and you can drop your boys off. I can take them swimming and to the park and it would be a great time for Kimberli and Ashton.

Jim said...

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