Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ezra 8 Months!

My boy is 8 months! He is sooo big and incredibly adorable. This, Ezzie boy, is what you are up to now and why I am incredibly in love with you.

Sad to say you are NOT sleeping through the night anymore. We are staying in TLF (temporary living facility) on base while we are waiting to close on our house. This means we are all in a one room apartment and if you wake up and are up for long, everyone wakes up. So I get up with you and nurse you, which you DON'T need. You are hefty!

You are in the 99% for both height and weight. You are 24.5 pounds of love! You are intrigued by food and you clearly are not happy when anyone eats and doesn't offer you any. Too cute! You love strawberries, pizza crust, noodles, applesauce and butternut squash. Oh, and french fries. I can't believe how much table food you can eat and with NO TEETH! Here is you gobbling sand at the park. You just can't help yourself.

You sit, quite well.

You roll and A LOT. Back and forth across the room :).

You make silly sounds. You love to growl! Raspberries, grunts and yells.

You love to nod your head yes! It is sooooo cute! You shake your head no on occasion too.

Your eyes!! You communicate such love with them. You make everyone who looks smile!

 Your wild hair! It will stay just about any way it dries :)

Last but not least, you LOVE your brothers. You just want to be one of the boys. They make you laugh, they make you growl, you love to watch them play and try to play cars along with them.You fit right in.


Kirst said...

What a cutie, I wish I could see him in person. You just have to love big babies. And those eyes...wow!

Myriam said...

HE IS ALL YOU HOLLY. it may me cry to remember it wasn't long when all of you i hold in my arms. He has such an angelical face. I miss you all, please come home!