Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting Set Apart

So I finally got set apart for my scary but exciting church calling. I don't know that I have really felt nervous to be the Young Women President (I am positive that being the 2nd counselor for a few months helped me get over the nerves of working with the YW) but I have felt inadequate and overwhelmed and challenged soooooo it was absolutely wonderful to get set apart by our bishop. I love that God trusts worthy men with his power to bless the lives of his children, and specifically to bless my life. With that setting apart comes the assurance that God is not only on my side but that He is going to strengthen me and guide me (so long as I continue to do my part) so that I might be the instrument in His hands that is needed at this time. I love serving in the church. I love that I have an opportunity to grow and learn from my leaders and my God as well as from the beautiful and unique girls that I have. I hope that the girls enjoy having me as much as I am enjoying them!

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