Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nanas and the Boys

Aren't moms amazing! Everything is always better when mom is around. I am so grateful for the two special mothers in my life. My mother came out from Colorado to be with me when my second child was expected to arrive. Although she arrived before he did I was able to enjoy my mom for myself, playing games, watching movies, shopping, and leaving my house over to her so that I could enjoy my husband's company for one last date before the baby arrived. I didn't have to worry about cooking, cleaning, laundry, or anything~ what a special treat. And did I mention that everything tastes better, looks cleaner, feels better when she is around! How wonderful to have a mom. I hope that I can be as special to my children as she is to me!

The second mother is Tyler's mom...She too is quick to help and has the same magical effect on life. We were so lucky to have her come out to help with the baby as well and oh how nice it was. Thank you Janis, Thank you mom...life is definitely sweeter with you in it!

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