Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boys and Baking

This is what the boys were up to while mom was getting ready for church...Aren't they adorable!

So I have been craving chocolate cake all weekend, so when Tyler left to go home teaching and Isaac had fallen asleep, I saw an opportunity to have some fun with my sweet little Ashton. We went to pantry where he selected the cake mix. Then he helped put all the ingredients in the bowl. When I showed him how to use the mixer I was a little nervous about what the outcome would be...Well, he proved to be a pro...see for yourself!


He did so well that I let him pour the mixture into the cake pan...that's when it got messy so I had to get it into the oven if there was going to be anything left to bake. He wasn't too pleased so I had to remedy the situation by offering him the batter coated spatula which he ate in style! I learned that I can have fun baking with my boy, but to change out of my church clothes beforehand.


bekahjr said...

What a cutie, I love his chocolate mouth! You look great! I'm so glad everything went OK with Isaac's birth. It must be fun to have two boys! I bet they'll be best friends!

Kirst said...

So much fun. Thanks for sharing the experience, Teancum and I love baking together. I love the messy face picture too.

emily said...

um, that's awesome! Yay, ashton!!!

Sarah said...

That picture of Ashton is priceless! I vote you frame it and hang it on your wall.

The Kauwe Family said...

Ashton is getting big. Sai loves baking too. We miss you guys.