Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visiting Nauvoo

A little over a week ago my mom and my abuelito (grandpa) came out to St. Louis to see us! We were so busy the 5 days they were here that I hit the hay and slept almost 12 hours after they left. We visited the fountains in Tower Grove Park, saw the St. Louis Arch, went to Missouri Botanical Gardens and...went on a little road trip to Nauvoo IL. This picture was taken outside of Carthage Jail. Tyler and I went to Nauvoo when we first moved here and were able to visit the beautiful temple and tour the homes of the early Saints, but we didn't make it to Carthage. It was emotional to be at the place where the prophet Joseph Smith was martyred. I felt so grateful for his dedication to restore the Church of Jesus Christ and was glad to have shared that experience with my Abuelito and my mom.

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Kirst said...

Mom looks beautiful in this picture...doesn't she always when she's with a grandchild. And Ashton...can't wait to see him