Friday, June 13, 2008

The Circus is in and Stitches are out!

We took Ashton to Circus Flora on Wednesday. It was the “kid” showing so it was only an hour long. I’m not sure what Ashton liked most….seeing all the other kids, watching the fun acrobatics, or jamming his eager little hand into the popcorn box to fill his mouth in the Black family fashion. Overall we had a great time.

And while we are enjoying Ashton’s newly acquired skills (hearing him slowly pronounce “uh-ohhh” and giving high fives) we were excited for Ashton to get his stitches out this afternoon. Fortunately his sweet little head seems to be healing well after his last surgery despite his fall out of his crib and then down the stairs.

This week has kept me busy with projects like, organizing the 5k race, re-organizing the house to make way for the new baby and our summertime visitors, and taking Ashton out to the parks, fountains, and zoo. Tyler has been busy getting ready for his final shelf exam of his 3rd year of medical school and helping out around the house. I couldn't survive without him!

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