Friday, June 6, 2008

Day at the Dentist

A little over a month ago Ashton had a little face plant as he was crawling around. He was screaming and I was thinking "...boy do you need a nap". I picked him up and started to comfort him. I handed him his lovey and after crying into it for a moment he pulled it away and I noticed a little blood on it. I gave his mouth a quick inspection and noticed that the blood was coming from his upper gums near his two big otter teeth and not his lip. Needless to say this minor trauma restulted in some graying in those sweet baby pearls so I scheduled a trip to the dentist. We were meet with good fortune when the dentist told us that his teeth were begining to heel on his own and would be whitening up! I left happy and so did Ashton toting along his new Whiney the Pooh toothbrush.


Kirst said...

I'm glad everything is o.k. with his's no fun having teeth that are another color. I love the picture of Ashton and the tree too...way cute.

becca said...

Yay! You started a blog! I found my way over to it from Kirsten's. I love the pictures. That reminds me need to get Ashlee over to see the dentist, haven't done that yet...glad his teeth are okay!