Saturday, June 26, 2010

Operation Swimming: Resumed

After Ashton's surgery, he was unable to go swimming until all his 87 stitches disolved from his delicate scalp. (Sunscreen before then was obviously a NO and you don't want to soak a healing incision especially since we want a better looking scar this time around). This was a four week time frame and for those of you who don't know, the kid LOVES water...In fact when swimming outdoors is unavailable to us in the winter we do often do multiple baths a day.

Monday was the four week mark for us and we celebrated by going to the San Antonio Zoo. While it's not my favorite zoo ever (St. Louis Zoo, why are you soooo amazing???) it does have a fun man-made beach area for kids to play in the sand and cool off. And what can I say, the kids had a blast!!! Hooray for Ashton! The celebration continued when Ashton's friend Kate invited us to a pool party on Tuesday. We took a breather from swimming on Wednesday but Thursday we set up our own kiddy pool out back and then again Friday we were back at the pool with our friends Natalie and her kids Luke and Sammy. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

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Kirst said...

What a relief to be able to rake the boys swimming again with the summer heat! Yay for water fun.