Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday we got our long awaited orders. I'm not even sure if I have written about this but once again Tyler didn't match for residency. This time around (and I think he is sticking to it) he applied for Radiology but in the Air Force it is extremely competitive. And unfortunately what makes you competitive is how much time you have in the Air Force, not how qualified you are....So when you don't match into a residency you are place into Flight Surgery, also called Flight Medicine. This is simply being a Family Physician to Air Force pilots and their families. So that is what we are doing, and now for the where....Colorado Springs! Because we got orders so late we were unable to get the Air Force to move us in time for us to be in Colorado for my brother's wedding July 15th....The wedding isn't really in Colorado either, it's in California, Tyler and I are just flying there from Colorado while his parents watch the kids....In any case we are REALLY excited to just get there. We have both our parents, lots of siblings, cousins, nephews and a niece, etc....And we are ready to spend some time doing some REAL camping!!!

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