Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a trip

So while our kids were basking in the love of their grandparents, we enjoyed a week long trip in Texas...Sure we were under a little stress with a time crunch to find a rental house that suited us...but we had 7 whole days to enjoy eachother's company. We did however shatter our previous statements of "why did we ever argue before we had kids?". Anyways, we had a great time. We put in two rental applications, being turned down from our first, and await the outcome of second application that won't come until Tuesday.

Something I did appreciate during this process is the power of prayer. After our first application was declined and given to another suitor we prayed about our second choice before submitting the application. It was a large and fairly new 4 bedroom house and even had a large game room where Ashton could play. Our prayer was answered and the answer was NO. I didn't understand why...we really liked the home, what was it that made it ill-fit for our family? We will never know because we didn't put in our application. Instead we called our next 2 top choices only to find that they were no longer available. Our trip to Corpus had come to an abrupt end and we set off back to San Antonio to secure a home while we still had time. And now we are left to wait... But back to our trip, here are a few of our highlights:

*sleeping in every fact, today we slept in until 11:00!
*The riverwalk in San Antonio. We were there for hours! We took a bardge tour, ate dinner on the river, walked and enjoyed the beautiful foilage and fountains, and even spent a few hours in the mall on the river. It was beautiful and we ate and shopped in peace!
*The carnival in Corpus. It was a traveling one, like the one we used to go to in high school. It was pricey but I think the $18 ferris wheel ride was worth it. We were about to drop another $20 on an extreme "power" ride that swung high in the air but as we reached the front of the line, Tyler was told he was too tall for the ride!
*Delecious Thai food. The native Thai owners and chef fell in love with Tyler when they discovered he and lived in Thailand and could speak, read and write the language. We were there for hours and they did not want us to leave. It was cute!
*We ate a Golden Wok in San Antonio. As soon as we sat down I asked Tyler what Moogoo gaipan was and the waiter magically appeared and spouted off as quick as could be, the ingredients to the dish. He turned around and went to attend another table when Tyler and I decided what we would order. His incredible gift of hearing kicked in and he immediately was back in front of us writing down what we had intended to order. We were in amazement as he walked away and within 30 seconds was back with our soup. It was so memorable he got a 50% tip!
*Movies, Dave and Busters, swimming, museums, dining, and more! What a great time!
*Test driving vans...sounds dorky but we've been wanting to and it was fun!
*Hearing Ashton say "Te amo mommy!" over the phone
*Lastly, realizing how much we love and can't live without our kids. We are so in love with our kids that we were constantly buying little souveniers for them, talking about the cute things they do, and being extremely anxious to come back and see them.

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sarah said...

Your boys are growing up so much! it was fun to see them at church yesterday. When do you guys move? I hope we can see you before then!