Friday, February 27, 2009

Tic Tac Nose

Yesterday morning Ashton and I were coming home from a very successful swim class. This is the second one he has taken at the YMCA and he is amazing! He loves to throw toys in the water and swim to them, butterfly style. He has no problem jumping into the pool and after becoming completely submerged in the water after going down the slide into the water he came up all grins. Well, on the drive home I thought he did so well that he deserved a treat. Unfortunately all I had were orange flavored Tic Tacs. I gave him one and he ate it and asked for another one. I handed it over and about 30 seconds later he started whining and saying "nose". When I looked back at him I saw an orange stream of goo coming out of his nose. He was getting scared and started shoving his finger up his nose in an attempt to remove the lodged tic tac only to push it farther in. Half a mile later we were home, I explained to Tyler the situation, he held down the screaming Ashton and after four attempts I successfully removed the tic tac with Isaac's nose sucker. Needless to say, lesson learned.


becca said...

Ha ha...that was a good story! Made me laugh. Oh Ashton, what a funny kid.

Kirst said...

I just keep laughing everytime I think of tic tacs up the nose. I'm sure it wasn't fun to remove but it will make a great story as he gets older.