Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He rolls!!!

Yesterday morning I had Isaac on his play mat and I REALLY REALLY wanted him to roll over. I've been working with him by shaking different toys he likes above his head while he is on his tummy. He does well tracking the toy but then yesterday he kept moving to get into a better viewing position and after nearly rolling over three times, he turned onto his back the 4th try! HOORAY!!! Ashton and I were clapping and cheering him on and he looked so happy! What a feat! Then today I put him on his belly again and this time with little provocation he rolled over 3 times! What a stud! Tyler still hasn't seen it so I need to get in camera for some sweet proof. Way to go Isaac!


becca said...

Way to go Isaac! It was fun to talk to you on the phone today Holly. We are SOOOO excited for you guys to move to San Antonio, we can't wait!!

sarah said...

How fun! They are growing up so fast!!