Sunday, July 28, 2013

Goodbye Kindergarten!!!

I can't believe how fast Ashton's first school year went.  And it's amazing to think how much the kid progressed from the start of the year. Looking back Ashton and I were both sooooo emotional.  Drop off was the worst. One of us was in tears for the first two months.  Part of the problem was that school here is full day. I mean, the kid has hardly been away from me so this was a big jump for us. I even let him earn days off from school for not crying for an entire week at drop off. But we adjusted by November. Of course I had to be involved as a could volunteering as the class mom, going on field trips and helping out with kinder art. It was wonderful to see him make friends, learn new skills and see his love for learning grow. We were especially fond of his teacher Mrs. Magnusson. I am sad that she retired this year and won't be there when Isaac starts! But in any case, we lucked out having her at all. Here is Ashton with some of his best friends, Nathan and Everett on their last day. The came home with loads of class projects!

And here he is Mrs Magnusson. Redland Oaks, you are a great school!

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