Thursday, May 20, 2010

18 month stud

Isaac Isaac Isaac. Or shall I say Izey Bizey..How is it that you are 18 months old all ready? I simply must take some time and write all about you, the things you say, the things you love and of course the the things you do...Here's to you baby!

Your vocabulary is beginning to sky rocket. You've discovered that you can talk in phrases to more fully communicate and it's often more effective. This morning you handed Dad some candy and said "open please". "What's that" "uh oh" "NO, you!" and the simple words like "mom" "dad", "bubow" (bubble), dog, "ba" (bath), "ju" (juice), "HOT", "milk", "cheese", "don't", "eyes", "air" (hair), "atuh" (ashton), papa, andoo (andrew). You are even getting good at single the alphabet, well, tune mostly, with Ashton and I. And while still sign a few words like more, all done, and your own special "I want to eat that NOW" which is done by gaping your mouth open as wide as wide can be and then just stare at the what it is you so badly want. ADORABLE!!! You understand more than I thought possible for a 18 month old. You're good at following directions like, put the toys in the box, put your plate in the sink, give this xyz to Ashton who is in the other room, etc. You just know what is going on!

As far as your loves go I would say that you are a very passionate person. Your number one love other than your family is your little monkey "Boo". He is your side kick. You've taken to him just like your brother, but unlike your brother you love all stuffed animals. You LOVE trucks and cars and making crashing sounds. You love balls, you love bubbles, you love dancing. You love junk food particularly chocolate, pudding, candy, cake, and pancakes. You LOVE raspberries, blueberries, granola bars, carrots and broccoli. You love trains, running, hitting (playfull of course), trees, ballons, water, and killing ants, panting, and well, doing whatever Ashton is doing. You have learned so much about life just by doing what he does!

I love the way you sqeeze your eyes shut when you say cheese. I love the way you love to eat, no matter how messy you are! I love the way you hold up your shirt over your belly. I love how ticklish you are and your great big chuckle. I love the way you love animals. I love the way you love your brother! I love the goofy things you do to make us laugh. I love how you wrap your arms so tight around my neck and hold me for long periods of time. I love how you love read books after you wake up. I love the way you sing along to songs. I love being your mom and knowing you love me too!

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