Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Match Day

So for the past few weeks Tyler has gone out interviewing at different hospitals for residencies. He received the Health Professions Scholarship for the Air Force which means that the AF paid Tyler's way through medical school and included a living allowance and in return Tyler will work for the Air Force as an MD when he is through with his training for 4 years. Because of this agreement Tyler would have to apply for residency through the military which he did and ranked a deferred civilian residency as his number one choice (this is why he had set up and started interviewing for residencies at various programs. Tyler had done REALLY well on his Step 1 USMLE (United States Medical Licensure Exam?) and thought he would get his number one choice being a deferred residency rather than a military residency. So when Military Match day came we were shocked to find out that he hadn't gotten his number one choice, canceling all remaining cilivilian interviews and match, and that our little family would be packing up and moving to San Antonio Texas for him to begin his intern year in General Surgery. To be honest it was a HUGE blow. He had become so excited at the many great residency programs he had interviewed at. It took several weeks to adjust to the idea of a military residency. It was really hard for me to see Tyler's disappointment and feelings of failure. It was hard to see the good in this. But finally the disappointment is gone and we are very excited for what life will bring to us in San Antonio. It helps to remember that God is at the reigns. He knows what is best for our family and for a reason unkown to us, San Antonio is where we need to be. It helps to also remember that we LOVE San Antonio. We were there a few years ago for one of Tyler's Air Force trainings and while we were there we visited that awesome Zoo, the River Walk, and Sea World. Plus there is a temple there and it's only an hour and a half away from Gabe and his family! So we are now excited and looking forward to our adventure. After all, the experience is what you make it!


sarah said...

Congratulations on Matching! Overcoming disappointment is well worth the effort, then you can enjoy all the great things coming your way (that's what I keep telling myself about our upcoming move!).

Heather said...

San Antonio will be nice. Peter really liked it there, so maybe we'll be joining you! This whole med school/match thing is such a crazy roller coaster ride. I'm ready to get off. ;)