Thursday, October 9, 2008

General Conference

So, although it's been much more difficult to hear the prophets messages over conference weekend with an active 16 month old, there has been a particular phrase that I think about multiple times a day. Elder Wirthlin in his address Saturday afternoon spoke a phrase that his mother told him after a disappointing football game. She told him, "come what may and love it".

And why not? Life experiences are so unique and ever changing, and while it's easy to wish or think upon how things could be better or easier, we can be sooooo much happier enjoying life as it is.

Sure it's been a little tough being without Tyler these last four weeks and taking care of my crazy sweet boy all by my self being now 38 weeks pregnant. But those few words have made such a difference this last week and I've been really able to value my time with Ashton and enjoy our last one on one adventure together before baby brother and Dad join us. I'm thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and my needs and speaks to me through a prophet's voice.

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Rita said...

Oh my are alone? If you need anything...let me know. I just hang out and nurse all day. Is he going to be home in time for baby #2?